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Lawn Care 

Broken Arrow Mowing

Lawn Care Services included in a standard package:

Lawn Mowing

 Are you enjoying a healthy, lush, green lawn this summer that feels great beneath your bare feet? If the answer is no, then improper mowing may be the problem. To restore optimum health and appearance to your lawn, put your grass on our mowing regimen. When your lawn is cut at the correct height, the blades recover more efficiently and retain the right amount of moisture. The strongest blades will thrive and take over to create a greener more uniform look.

Lawn Edging

Edging your lawn is essential to give your landscape a crisp, sculpted look. Edging creates a clean line, free from grass and weeds, along the edge of a patio or walkway. Lawn edging is provided with our basic lawn care service. 


No lawn cutting is complete without weed-eating the areas of grass you could not get to with the lawn mower. The weed-eater is used to trim back areas left uncut to match the freshly cut grass length. 

Grass and Small Leaf Blowing

Trees and plants shed their leaves regularly and they get accumulated on the ground. Leaving them unattended can invite various diseases and pests. Removing these fallen leaves periodically is important for maintaining your lush green lawn. It is also important to blow away any grass cuttings for the same reason. Again, this is a part of our standard lawn maintenance package. Blowing away leaves and grass gives your lawn a clean and well-maintained look.

Skimming the Pool

If for some reason during the lawn service process debris ends up on the surface of your swimming pool we are equipped to handle it. Skimming the pool of any floating debris caused during the lawn mowing process is a finishing touch that we offer to all customers. 

Lawn Care service providers are abundant in our market but choosing the right one is tricky. For premier lawn services in Broken Arrow, Powers Lawn Care is your company!

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